Monday, February 16, 2015

50 Shades Of Grey

Now I know some people are not even going to read this post because of the title but I do not care. I went and saw the movie 50 Shades of Grey over the weekend. Now I have read all 3 books, numerous times, and I did have a expectation going in. BUT I also know that not everything in the book was going to be in movie and that some things would be different. 

There were scenes left out that I wish made the movie as well as dialogue they had together. In the book, its not all about the sex. It is about the relationship they build together and the struggles they go through. Now the movie it was good. I liked it and I think it deserves a higher rating that the critics have given it. I also think people need to go in with a open mind when seeing this movie. There is sex, there is fighting and there is love. 

Now I do suggest having a few drinks before seeing the movie. That is what I did. It left me feeling open minded and I did not get upset about things not in the book or things they changed. Now the ending sucks..because it is a cliffhanger but if you have read all 3 books you will know it is okay and that there are more movies to come.

To all the critics...shove it. This was a good movie and a I love the way they portrayed it from the books to the big screen. I can not wait for the rest of them to come out as well as come out on DVD. They are worth every penny. To the ones saying they lacked chemistry, you are crazy. They were great together and I enjoyed watching this.

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