Thursday, January 22, 2015

Work It Out!

Last night was a good night for me. I got in a mile on the treadmill, I was WAY under my calorie count and I felt great. I am loving having the treadmill at home and I can not wait for spring to participate in as many runs as possible. 

I did break my own rule this morning though. I weighed myself. I said I was not going to do it but I did. I couldn't help my self. The scale was there, I was there, I mean why not! I have lost 2 more pounds and that makes my total 8 pounds. I am 176 and my goal is 160. I am pretty sure after I hit it I will try to get 145. I don't want to be any smaller than that. 

Having this just upstairs in my house is amazing. I love how I just can go up there and run my butt off. The minute I get home I throw on some running gear, do whatever I need to around the house and then go upstairs. There is no excuses or reasons why I can't do this!

I have already signed up for 2 more runs this spring and I am always looking for more. If you are in the Virginia area and want to do a fun run with me, just shoot me an e-mail!!


  1. That's awesome! Congratulations!! I'm trying to convince my husband that we need a treadmill in our house. It just makes working out SO much more convenient!

  2. Awesome job Rachel!! I'm jealous you have a treadmill; even if I bought one I'd have nowhere to put it in my teeny house :( Proud of you!


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