Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Update

So I am refusing to get on the scale right now. I am waiting to see a change in my clothes before I go near the beast again. My scale scares me and I we do not get along. I do not want to make friends with it just yet, so I am taking a break from up. 

I finally got my treadmill and I have been on it every day since! It is a major thing for me and I am super excited to lose weight. My biggest goal besides losing weight is I want to work on my run time. In a typical 5k I am between 43-45 minutes. I want to shave at least 10 minutes off of that and I hope I can do that with the treadmill. Once spring comes in, I will be running outside again but for now it is netflix watching while running. I find that running and watching netflix, my run goes so much faster!

I am still counting all my calories with myfitnesspal and this is one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. It sinks up with my Up by Jawbone app and I am finding these 2 be my new favorite apps on my phone. I am also loving my jawbone. I love how you can wear it almost all the time and it tracks your counts. I am almost always right at or right below my counts for the day so I have to get better with that and get up and move around some more!

What are you doing different to lose weight or make a change! 

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