Friday, January 9, 2015

My Favorite Shows

I realized lately I have been watching a lot of new shows, whether they are on T.V. or Netflix. It is not that I am sitting around 24/7 but I am just watching more and spending less time playing on the ipad. I gave up one thing for another.

1. Once Upon A Time. 

This show is just everything. It has the HOTTTTTTTT Captain Hook as well as other hunks to watch. The plot is pretty darn good if you can get past the "someone is trying to hurt us" every episode stuff. I love the whole story book character theme and I am so ready for it to be back on T.V. Until then though, I can binge watch it on Netflix!

2. Pretty Little Liars.

This just came back on this week. I have not watched this weeks episode but I am very excited to. I know the story line has spiraled out of control but I can't help but love it. It is so good and sometimes creepy! I just want to know who the heck A is already!

3. American Horror Story

Now I am only finished with season 1 and so far I love it. I do know that they change story lines each season so I am not sure if I will like season 2. Chris and myself binged watched this on Netflix so I think we will be doing the same again this weekend.

4. The Following

Can this please come back already! I am missing this show something fierce. I know it is very unrealistic but it is so dramatic and good. I can't help but love it...well maybe not the at least 5 people die a episode part. 

What are some of your favorite shows?


  1. I love PLL! The plot definitely has gone a bit CRAY but I'm sticking with it and definitely want to know who A is already! Just when I think we're going to find out, something else happens! I think I need to binge watch this show from the beginning to remember everything that has happened! Sometimes the "previously on PLL" just doesn't cut it for me.

  2. Once Upon A Time is going downhill...but with how the season just ended (or midseason, whatever it is) I think they're going to pick it back up. ;)

    Also, American Horror Story is fantastic! Season 2 is the worst of the 4 seasons though (in my opinion).

    1. I agree on AHS! We started it season 2 and I don't like it!

  3. I love PLL, too! I've always wanted to watch Once. I was going to try it on Netflix, but then I decided to start The Good Wife--so Once will be next!

  4. Ahh, PLL! I haven't seen the most recent episode yet, either. The plot is totally crazy now - but I just need to know who A is before I can get on with my life! I watched a bit of OUAT in the beginning, but I couldn't get past the weird "I gave up my baby, but now I'm back, let's forget about how the law works" dynamic of Emma and Henry... Should I just skip the first season?

    Epise Of Cake

    1. I would say skip the first Hook comes in season 2 and really..I watch for that!


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