Monday, January 26, 2015

Home Ideas-Pinterest Edition

So I am at the point of just skipping winter, and going straight to spring. I mean is to cold, wet, and dreary to enjoy winter at all. It only snows a tin bit and then leaves mud and a mess everywhere. Since I am working on getting fit and losing some pounds I want to get ready to do a ton of work outside our house. 

We built out house about 5 years ago and the outside is sad. We have one flower bed that only has 3 plants in it and my husband did all that. I have so many ideas and if it wasn't for pinterest I would not have those. I also want to build a outdoor fire pit and get some nice Adirondack chairs to put with them! 

1. Fire Pit.
via Pinterest 
2. Flower Beds. 
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
I am looking for more ideas, so you if have any, let me know!!

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  1. Flower beds are hard to maintain when you have dogs that constantly dig them up and lift their leg on them. Grrrrrr


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