Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Country Couture

Normally I do not post about the store but in case you did not know, I own a online clothing boutique. I love it and I hope to one day open a store front. Now what I would love more than anything is for you to follow the store! 

I am on twitter, instagram and facebook. All you have to do is the click the social media platforms from before and you can simply follow the store! I promise I won't flood your feed!!!

Now..if you follow all three, come back here and let me know. I will be giving away some giftcards and promo codes to a few folks!!

Also whenever one of the feeds finally reaches 5000 followers, I will be giving away a $100.00 gift card!!



  1. When I first say the name Country Couture, I was a little skeptikal but since I looked at the pics on IG I for sure will be ordering something soon!


    PS, I also followed all your links!

  2. You know I follow all three!


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