Friday, January 16, 2015

Concert Time!

Tomorrow night I get to see Florida Georgia Line again here where I live. I saw them last year and was center stage,3rd row. Tomorrow night I have box seats but I would have loved to been in the pit again!!! I tend to go to any country concert that comes here. I am a country music junkie! 

So with are my favorite country music artist.

1. Miranda Lambert. She is amazing. When you see her in concert, she just makes you feel so good about yourself. Her music is so crazy, fun, loving and so many other things that I can't help but love her.  She can be classy and turn on the bitch mode as well! If you have not seen her yet, go! 

2. Jason Aldean. I saw ole Jason last year with FGL and it was amazing. I know some people don't like him because he left his wife, blah blah. He is a great musician and I could care less who he is married to at the time. That is his business.

3. Luke Bryan. Do I really need to write anything about him? He is hot, hot and did I mention hot? Oh yea..he can sing pretty well to. I have yet to see him in concert but I can not wait to the day that I do.

4. Florida Georgia Line. These boys are amazing. I know some don't like them because they are "bro country" but I love them. They are amazing in concert and I love all of their music. Stop hating on them people.

5. Justin Moore. This little guy is adorable. He is my height, super skinny and a great singer. I saw him a few years ago and was to drunk to realize he walked right past me. #FAIL I can not wait to see him again. He music is catchy and plus..hes cute!

What are you favorite country artist?


  1. LOVE Miranda (but we both already knew that); I saw FGL with Aldean in November and it was a fantastic show; saw Justin Moore open up for Eric Church a few years ago and he's AWESOME! You're just missing another important one.......the one theee only, Tim McGraw! C'mon Rachel!! ;)

  2. Awesome!! We saw them Saturday night in Virginia! Where did you see them?!

  3. Lol, you know who my favorite is - Eric Church! :) I'm going to see his concert in March and again in April. I'm obsessed. :)


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