Life As Rachel: September 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


*Thank you to Lindt for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to try Lindt Hello*

When I worked at a grocery store in college, I had no idea I would meet of one my best friends. She was/is super shy and I basically forced her to be my friend. When we met I had no idea we would become such great friends. I became friends with her when I would work and we had shifts together. We started hanging out..I had no idea we would have such a great friendship. It all started with HELLO! 

To this day we are still friends. We talk every day and even though we live hours apart..we still make time for each other. I never thought I would make such a connection with someone while just working at a grocery store. You never know who you will become friends with..with just a simple HELLO!

Lindt has come out with an amazing new chocolate, Lindt Hello. To me, I never really loved chocolate but now after trying this..I want it every day! Lindt HELLO, the hip, trendy brand in premium chocolate, is a new collection from Lindt of sinfully delicious premium chocolate inspired by classic American treats.  Lindt HELLO is available in stores nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and Lindt[dot]com.
Say “hello” to the enticing flavors, of the Lindt HELLO collection:
- Caramel Brownie: Discover the irresistible combination of smooth milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel brownie filling

- Strawberry Cheesecake: Satisfy your cheesecake craving with rich milk chocolate and a light, fluffy strawberry cream cheese filling.

- Crunchy Nougat: Smooth milk chocolate,– now that’s yummy!  

- Cookies & Cream: Chocolate, cookies – and a crunch!  Savor a chocolaty experience like no other, with chocolate chip cookie pieces and cream filling.
One good thing about this new brand is that it comes in a variety of ways. It comes in sticks, bars and Mini-stick bags. For me..I love the mini-sticks because they are bite size and perfect for carrying in my bag! 
From September 12th through October 9th, your audience can visit the "It Started with HELLO" Youtube page to view new episodes of “It Started with HELLO”” weekly and share their opinions on who they’d like to see paired up next.  The first teaser video will introduce the cast, and preview the series, and each week a new episode will premiere, showcasing the romantic stories between different couples.  Your audience can even choose the ending to each episode. 

Lindt HELLO is the hip, trendy brand in premium chocolate, that inspires connections and conversations everywhere it goes.  Your audience can enter the sweepstakes every day for their chance to win* sweet experiences from Lindt Chocolate.

To enter the sweepstakes, visit the Lindt HELLO Sweet Connections Sweepstakes click here and enter your email address. Entries can be made daily for additional chances to win. 

Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Welcome to the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!

A blog hop is a set time frame for current or aspiring bloggers to find new blogs and quality content. It is a great way to make new friends and find inspiration! It is also a fabulous way to promote your own blog and posts.

Dear Friends,

What a day to celebrate! This is the 85th week of the Let's Be Friends blog hop! Thanks for joining us on this special day. Chelsee and Tiffany are extremely delighted to see the way this hop has grown and love to see your faces each week! 

Join us every Tuesday at 7am (MST). This blog hop focuses on content. LINK UP YOUR FAVORITE POST from last week in this fun content-sharing blog hop! I love the idea of blog hopping, but I love the idea of reading posts and quality content on new blogs I've never been to even more. Instead of simply linking up your blog button, you are now able to link up your favorite post you recently wrote. Have a delicious recipe to share, DIY tutorial, or heartfelt post? Share it with us! All hosts and co-hosts put up some unique and fun content from the past week. Make sure to check them out. P.S.- you may still link up your blog button and blog name, but it is encouraged to link up your favorite post instead. You will get more page views and interest if you do so! Some of the most successful blog hops I have participate in focus on content rather than just exchanging follows. You never know who will become a loyal follower or pin that delicious new recipe you posted!

The BEST part of this blog hop? Each week there will be a WINNER! That's right, each week we will choose one lucky blog to feature from the previous week's hop. This hop receives thousands of page views every week, so your blog will have the chance to be center stage for free. You must follow all the hosts and co-hosts in order to win. Only those who link up a specific post are eligible to be featured! *You must follow all the hosts and co-hosts in order to win.

The last exciting change is that the co-host spots will now be available to all sponsors of  The Dwelling Tree or Southern Beauty Guide. If you are interested in co-hosting the blog hop, email Tiffany or Chelsee about sponsorship opportunities and how to co-host the weekly hop!

There are a couple of great giveaways going on right now at Southern Beauty Guide and The Dwelling Tree. Go check them out! :)

Let's Be Friend's Blog Hop Guidelines
1. Link up your favorite post from your week.
2. Follow your hosts and co-hosts.
3. Grab the button and post it on your blog so we can share the love.
4. Visit 3 other blogs and follow them along!
5. Tweet about this blog hop, using #letsbefriends
6. Pin the button on pinterest so we can spread the news! 

***Once a week, one blog will be chosen to be the featured blogger from the previous blog hop. 

Meet your hosts: 

The Dwelling Tree: Blog, Bloglovin'

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& Co-Hosts
Amy at Set Free
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***This weeks featured post from last week's hop:

Hi friends! It's Chelsee. Thank you all once again for continually linking up at our blog hop. It is such a fun time and I am so impressed each week with all the amazing posts. Please continue to link up an actual post instead of your blog. We want to keep reading your content and it makes it more fun to pick a winner! 

... onto the winner! 
Wow. Well last week Tiffany picked a winner that had a healthy recipe, and it seems this week we are keeping with the food theme. I was scanning and saw something fried and had to click! The title containing the word southern made me think the guys would just love this! I must say it looks so tasty from the pictures! I highly highly suggest you all check it out and perhaps try out the recipe! I think eating healthy lately has me craving something fried...go figure! 

A Cowboy's Life is a wonderful blog. Chasity is a fantastic wife, mom and cook, just check out her blog, but I warn you the pictures will make you hungry!  Go check her out! 

Keep posting awesome content! You make it so fun for us to read all your posts! If you can, please link up a specific post. It makes it easier for us to come and visit! 

*Remember YOU can be next weeks winner! :)

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Over the weekend I ran the Mudderella 5 mile run. By far this was my favorite mud run I have ever done. They don't look at it as a run but as an obstacle course. Take your time and don't sprint through it. That is what I did!

This run will test you but it is one of the best feelings and highs you can get when you finish. I ran a 5 mile run, went through 13 different obstacles that were each difficult in their own way. I would recommend anyone to do this if it is near you. 

This race tested me as it was the hardest I have ever done. I am so thankful for my friends that participated with me and got me through the course! 

Own Your Strong!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


*I was compensated with a product for a review from Influenster. All opinions are my own*

You wanna know what is a great mail day?? When you receive a Keurig 2.0 from Influenster. I was super excited to receive this one. I already had a Keurig but to get this one, made my day. 

One of the my favorite parts of this machine is that it comes with a brew pot. It can serve 8 people at one time instead of 1 person at a time. When I have friends and family over now, I no longer have to make cup by cup for my Keurig. Look at the size difference in the K-Cups. 

Also it has a touch screen and led lights. This bad boy is top of the line and amazing. I recommend for everyone to get it. It is by far the best coffee maker out there. I don't just use it for coffee though. When I just need a hot cup of works perfect! 

With fall being right around the corner and then winter, I am very happy to have the Keurig 2.0. I typically only drink coffee and hot teas in the winter time. With the Keurig 2.0, I will definitely be using it year round! How can I not! 

Do you have one? Are you planning on getting one?

*Special Thanks for Influenster for this voxbox!*

Monday, September 22, 2014

Giveaway Time!!

It's that time again for the monthly giveaway! This month 7 lovely ladies have joined me to giveaway one amazing eye shadow palette from Kat Von D. What's the difference? Well basically if you are wanting a warm toned palette then you would love the Monarch palette, but if you love cool tones more then you will love the Chrysalis palette. Both of these are simple amazing and if you don't believe me then just check out this post to see swatches! This is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on one of the most impressive palettes on the market! Make sure you enter below for your chance to win! 
Southern Beauty Guide// Penny's Passion// Re•solve// Alexandra Nicole
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Terms & Conditions:
Open to US Residents only. Winner will be contacted within 3 days of the Giveaway ending. Winner will be verified. If the winner cannot be verified, a new one will be selected. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize after the notifying email has been sent out. If they do not respond to the email within the 48 hours a new winner will be selected.
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Good Luck! Don't forget to enter! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 Handbag Essentials from U By Kotex

*This post is sponsored by U by Kotex and Walmart, but my love for their pads and everyday low prices is all my own!*
As a woman, I have to be able to rely on discreet and compact packaging. I love being able to by a product that works so well. With U By Kotex available at Walmart now, I am able to get what I need.  These pack perfectly in my makeup and in the pockets of my bag. My favorite essentials to throw in with them fit right in as well. I don't have to give up my every day essentials with these. 

I don't carry a bunch of makeup around with me as I only need to apply it once. I do have a few things I need though. I have to have a hair tie as my hair is getting long. As you can see I carry a good bit of them with me. I also need hand sanitizer as I am a germ-a-phobe. The last 2 things I need are my shades for the sunny days and some lotion as I have eczema and I don't need dry hands.

Now I personally love the U By Kotex CleanWear pads because they don't bunch up on you and they keep you feeling fresh. They also have the cutest packaging around. For me they are perfect for days that I don't need a tampon. The fact that  I am able to trust these, makes it worth ever penny. 

• Have the new 3D Capture Core that quickly draws in and locks away wetness
• Feminine pads with super soft sides for your comfort
• Uniquely shaped pads with wings for a secure fit that helps prevent bunching
• Unscented ultra-thin sanitary pads for women (free of artificial scents and fragrances). Easy-open wrappers in four colorful designs
• Packaging may vary from image shown
You can also get a special  offer includes three coupons for Kleenex ($0.50, $0.75, $1) and three for UbK ($0.75, $1, $1.50). Make sure you go to Walmart to get them! They have all of them there!

Thank you to U by Kotex and Walmart for sponsoring this post!

Love yourself.

I have struggled my entire life with my self image. I am no size 0 but I am not "plus size". Atleast I don't consider myself to be plus size. According to clothing stores I am plus size and sometimes I am average. 

Today I put on a dress and I have a little bit of my belly showing. At first I wanted to take it off and not wear it. I was ashamed of how I looked. But then I got to thinking to my self. I love my self. I love my every curve that I have. It is what makes! I put the dress on and I am wearing it right now. If skinny girls can wear the same outfit, I should be able to as well without being worried I am going to be judged.

I think you should be able to wear whatever you want no matter what size you are. I wear a size 13 in juniors in pants. I have been so ashamed and sad about the number as I am normally a 9-11. I have come to realize that before anyone else can love you and not judge you, you have to be able to do it yourself. I would love to be a size 5-6 and have a flat stomach. I know I have to work out and do that myself. I do run, I walk a mile every day. I participate in 5ks and stuff. I have learned though to accept who I am with all my flaws and imperfections. 

I am in no way perfect. No one is. I am just happy and proud of my self and my body. I have curves and a stomach. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. I am proud of who I am!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Over the weekend I had my niece, Amanda. She is my everything and one tough little cookie! It is starting to feel and look like fall in Virginia so we decided to take her to a corn maze here. It is a massive corn maze with about 5 different ways to go through it. I had never been in one and it was a blast. About after a hour though, we were all done and ready to be out!

The rest of my weekend was spent with my husband and niece. It was not as exciting as the corn maze. The best part about fall. I am so ready for fall festivals!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What I Wish I Knew

Growing up over the years, I have learned so much. I have had to become an adult and take life the horns. Life isn't bad. I love how everything is going. There are though, things I wish I knew when I was in high school and college.

...High school doesn't last. The drama goes away. The friends go away to at some points. Make the best of high school. You can't go back or relive those moments. 

...High school/college crushes are just that. Crushes. Every guy I dated obviously not my husband. They were just little frogs along the way to my prince. Don't settle for the dorks from high school. They aren't worth the time.

...Moving out and becoming an adult is scary but the best dream ever.

...Pay attention in school. Don't slack off. Take extra classes and get involved as much as possible. I was involved in things but I could of done more as well. 

...Don't call out of work some dumb reasons. They reflect on you and in college you need that $.

...Any drama you think is to hard to deal with is nothing compared to the things that life throws at you. High School/College are the easiest years of your life.

...Things always work out in one way or another.

What are some things you wish you could your past self or someone you know? Let me know!

Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Back!

Well unfortunately my vacation had to end. I am back at work this week and not as tired as I thought I would be! I had an amazing time in Maine. It is my favorite vacation spot and I wish I could move there. I am not sure about their winters though!
So instead of sharing day by day things that we did, I am just going to dump some photos on here! Enjoy!

That would be ice cream with a pop over! So good!