Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Lazy-ness

We had a very relaxed weekend this past weekend. We literally did nothing. We were lazy,  the world was lucky I even got my butt out of bed. Each day we got up to go do something and then we just didn't. Even our dogs were lazy. Itsy was such a ham. The minute Chris started petting her she fell asleep sitting up. 

Also...I feel very dumb but I have never had popcorn made from the stove. I usually buy the bag stuff and just make it in the microwave. was fun but it did not taste as good as the bag stuff. It was fun to make but our dogs got more of that popcorn then we did and I am pretty sure they enjoyed it! 

This week is the last full week of work before the holidays. I only have to work Monday and Tuesday of each week until January starting next week. You will not hear me complain about it. I still have to finish my Christmas shopping and wrap all of the gifts still. I am so excited to give my husband his gifts that I have almost done it 3-4 times already. Whoops. I am horrible at keeping a secret and when it is something he really wants, I want to go ahead and give it to him!

Today we have our office lunch at a local inn and I love eating there each year. I am going to eat way to much and I don't care! I am going to be one of those New Years resolution people that will say I am gonna lose weight! Fingers crossed I keep up with it!

Have a great Monday!

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