Monday, December 8, 2014

Ky Liquibeads

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I have to say normally I don't post stuff like this but for once, I am not afraid to. We are adults here so no need to be shy.  Thanks for #CollectiveBias, I can post abut #TheMoodStrikes and this product. 

Now I have used Ky products before and really I have had to rely on these for my intimate life with my husband. I am not saying things are not working down there but sometimes it takes a little more to help us out. Thank goodness for K-Y ®  Liquibeads. I do suffer from vaginal dryness and honestly, it can suck. When you are in the mood and that is going is depressing. 

I got the product at Walmart here where we live. I was so thankful that most major retailers carry this and that I do not have to go searching for it.  I know this product may be more $ than you are willingly to pay. I love that you can get a coupon for it to bring the price down. Just go here!

We have not had kids yet and to suffer from this can suck. My husband would get upset thinking I am not into it or that I am not into him. It is completely the opposite though. To suffer from this sucks beyond measure. 

Now this product is super easy to use. It comes with the applicators and the beads. 
So...this is how easy it is.

1. Take one of the beads out of the packing. 

2. Insert it into the Ovule insert which is provided.
3. Insert the applicator inside as far as it can go or what you are comfortable with (like inserting a tampon)
4. Throw away the applicator. No need to reuse.
5. Have fun! 

Now to be honest, I was skeptical about this and even Chris was wondering if it would really work. Thankfully it does. We have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months and this product may help with that. I am not saying we will but if I can stay going and not get dry and hurt than hey...I am all thumbs up for that. 

One thing is that if you are pregnant or nursing, you do need to consult your doctor before using this product. Just to be careful! 

K-Y® Liquibeads are inserted once every few days so that when the mood strikes, your body is ready to go without needing extra, messy lubricants. After children, as we age, or as the action becomes intense, sometimes we dry up a little bit. It's OK and it's normal, but it can be painful and embarrassing. No woman wants to make her man feel like he isn't doing it for her, especially when he IS. It's just that sometimes our bodies can't keep up with our hearts, which is where K-Y® Liquibeads come in. They ensure that when the mood hits, you're ready, and your body is willing. I know Chris has felt that way and I am so glad that there is a solution for us! 


  1. Vaginal dryness can be depressing. It was getting to me and my husband noticed. He thought it was a lack of desire for him. I'm glad these products are available. My husband prefers not to use them. He says he rather wait until things happen natural but I explsined my body doesn't eork like it used to. Not sure why though.

  2. Vaginal dryness really can be the pits - the dry pits. My husband gets kind of hurt when things don't work right down there, and I'm like, "Babe! Totally not my fault and I can't help it!" This product is revolutionary for relationships. #client


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