Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hair Update

So I have been growing my hair out for a good while. I do have to confess that I did get a trim about a month ago. I couldn't help myself. My hair was looking rough and the body of it was horrible. I ended up getting high lights as well and I am loving the color of my hair now and how it looks. This all started 2 years ago when I chopped my hair off and colored it brown. I went from long blonde to short and brown. I loved it then and still love that cut but I am wanting long hair again. 

One of the biggest things that has helped my hair is I no longer straighten it with a flat iron. I cut that out first. My hair had a lot of damage and is still in recovery mode. I blow dry it straight now and use more products that will help my hair. 

These 3 things:
 1) It's a 10 Lite
 2) Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Protection and
 3) Not Your Mothers Way To Grow,
They have saved my hair. I feel like it is growing longer and looks healthier than it use to! are my pictures of the progression. Remember this is more than a years worth of growth. 

I am happy with how it is growing out and looking. I can not wait to have long hair again!!

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  1. I chopped my hair off back in May and totally miss it. I need to go in for a trim to help shape it back up, or I end up with a tiny little ponytail every single day. Like you, my hair was damaged, though. I have done nothing but a little bit of blow drying and the occasional curling (like I curl random pieces after I blow dry), so the body lasts a few days until I wash it again. I should probably add a heat protector, like you! How do you like the It's a 10 Light? I had a stylist talk me into the one in a purple bottle a few years ago. Is the light for thin, fine hair? If so, I should probably look into that one, too!


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