Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap

Well Christmas is gone for another year. I had an amazing holiday with my family. I was off work for most of the time and enjoyed every bit of it. I had Christmas with my in-laws and husband and relaxed for most of it. I got to enjoy time with my wonderful niece, and I am pretty sure she tops all other nieces. She is pretty awesome. I may be a bit biased on that part though. 

I binged watched American Horror Story on Netflix with Chris. I shopped online some more and did a ton of work for the store.  I did all of the laundry which is a miracle for me. I got everything I wanted to do done, except for clean my house. I only work 2 days this week so fingers crossed I can get more stuff done at home. 

Christmas was a good time this year. I was not sad and mourning. I got to enjoy it more and I am so grateful and lucky to have everything and everyone in my life. I am very blessed to have the life I have even though I have had struggles, trouble and sadness in it. 

I am not ready to be back at work but alas I am here. I get to work and everyone else gets off work. 


  1. Glad you had a great Christmas! Your niece is soooo cute!

  2. I am glad you had a good Christmas!!! I didn't get my house cleaned either :(

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I love American Horror Story and also binged watched it.. hahahaha


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