Friday, November 14, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

1. The other day my niece asked for One Direction tickets. I told her yes and I would find some. Well..I did find them and dang are they pricey. $132+ to see these little boys dancing thank you. Yes that are adorable and sing well but it is not worth it to me. I don't even pay that much for when I go to a concert. 

2. Why are people already decorating for Christmas? My friend did but she is due to have her baby soon so that I understand. I have seen others though that have bought presents and they are under the tree and everything. What happened to Thanksgiving? Are people just skipping that.

3. Speaking of Thanksgiving....lets talk about Black Friday. I have never been Black Friday shopping. I would love to go..but have not been. My issue though is when stores open at 6:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving, the workers don't get to enjoy the holiday, we don't get to enjoy because someone at your table is rushing out the door to make sure they get that deal. 

4. Snow. It is snowing in the various states and people where I live are wishing it was here. Let's get this hated the snow last year. You hated driving in the snow last year and complained about all the shoveling you did. WHY DO YOU WANT IT AGAIN?

5. And then this. The picture says it all. 

Have a good Friday!


  1. That last GIF... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This post if full of awesome.

    My MIL buys my niece tween concert tix. It's annoying.

    Also, I totally judge Christmas decorating this early. Maybe because I really love to decorate,,, but I for one, follow the rules!

    and yes, DO Black Friday shop. We do. On FRIDAY. I hate that they try to make you do it earlier but I do stand strong. It just sucks because I feel like I'm missing the deals. My Mom and I go but we shop at 10 a.m. Getting up at 5 is not an option for me. ha

  3. Not even going to approach the KK subject as she always has and always will disgust me... anything for attention and money :-P

    But YES to people already decorating for Christmas! I feel so bad for Thanksgiving, it seems to be getting brushed aside more and more each year. My house is still decorated for fall, and will remain so until after we celebrate turkey day. Christmas decor and Thanksgiving turkey just don't go together in my opinion. Still enjoying my fall leaves and pumpkins over here ;-)


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