Thursday, November 13, 2014


Yesterday the web was buzzing about Kim K. and her booty. Last night it was about her frontal pic. I am disgusted with this. I know some people are like she can do what she wants, don't look at it..yada yada.

How can you not look at something that is literally all over the net? It is on Buzz feed, twitter, Facebook, and every news site around. I can't get online without someone mentioning it or tweeting something about. There are some things, in my opinion, that are better off left private. She shared something that should have never been shared. That is for her and Kanye to enjoy..not the world. She got mad over a sex tape but is all HEY look at my ass!

I have never really liked the Kardashian family. They are famous for nothing. They are not actors, writes, singers, models, etc. They are famous for just being there and for the world to make fun of. No one takes them serious. They are materialistic brats to me. To me, they should of have their 15 minutes of fame and then slunk away. I will be happy when I can go on websites and not see something about Kim's ass. It is a butt. It is rather large and more than likely fake. Photoshop is great but also gives false perspectives on things. 

I know I should not let something like this bother me but it is. If she wants to show all...go be a stripper or porn star. FYI can be classy and look amazing and sexy without stripping all your clothes off. There is no need for that. 

Just because you are famous doesn't mean you can not have class or taste. I really hope someone let's her know how horrible those pictures are. If she wants to show off her figure before her baby, wear tight clothes. I feel as if her priorities are so jacked up. She does not think or care about others. Just her and Kanye. 

They have done nothing amazing or anything that is worth putting in the news besides this. They don't help charities out, they don't try to raise money for poor/sick. 

If you are perfectly okay with the pictures and have no problem with them, would you be ok if your child/nephew/niece got online and saw that? With it being all over the web..they will see it. 

Ok..rant over. I am tired of talking or spending more time on this useless couple. 


  1. Well there is classy and then there is trashy. I guess you don't have to be an idiot to see where she falls on this one. I admit I am rather conservative, but what happened to leaving something to the imagination?

  2. It just says a lot about her. How much more money does she need? Trash to the max. Ick. I'm no prude but she's just nasty.


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