Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Okay I have to confess something. My love for all things OUAT. If you do not know what that is..then you do not watch the show. Once Upon A Time.  It is amazing. I binged watched the last 3 seasons on netflix to catch up before season 4 started. It was worth it. Now every Sunday I am glued to the TV and if anyone talks, I freak out on them. 

Now if you do watch this amazing t.v. show, you know how hot some of the male characters are. When I say hot..I mean they put some other actors and singers to shame. My favorite of course is ole Captian Hook, a.k.a. Colin O'donoghue. 

Now beside that hot man, I love the story it self. OUAT it set in Storybrooke Maine and the Enchanted Forest. It has a ton of fairy tale characters and some new ones. I suggest to everyone to start from Season 1, catch up and watch Season 4. It is one of the best shows ever. I may biased but hey, who isn't! If you are a fan, who is your favorite character?

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  1. I love OUAT!!! I haven't watched this season yet, but I like to wait until the whole season comes out on Netflix so I can binge watch it, haha. :)

    Love Capt Hook, meowwww!


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