Friday, November 7, 2014


Lately I have not been blogging much or being on my personal social media. I have been on the stores stuff but I have laid off of my own. My husband says every night I just sit over on the couch and I either have my phone or my ipad in my lap. I know this is true but it is so hard to put the stuff down. I am addicted.

I am having to balance a full time job, my clothing boutique, and my own life. We are also trying for a child. Chris told me the other night that when we have a kid I won't have time for social media like I do now. This is true. I am not even sure if I will keep the store when we have a child. I would love to but it just depends on how busy I get. My store is my baby. I have really grown it and I want to keep it going. I would love to open a storefront one day. 

We are still trying to get pregnant. I am still not pregnant to my knowledge. A lot of people around me are either pregnant, just had a kid or trying as well. A lot of bloggers seem to be getting pregnant as well. I discussed this with a friend and she said it was the same for her. It is not that more people are getting pregnant, it is just I am noticing it more and it affects me more now, because I am trying. Let's keep our fingers crossed, say a prayer for us and wish and pray that I get pregnant. 

I also am trying to lose weight. I work out but I have slacked off the last week and I need to get back with it. I want to lose 15 more pounds and I will be happy. I don't want to be super skinny. I love my size and curves. I just want to look good. I want to fit in one size below that I am now. I could wear it a year ago..I can do it again!

That is what has been going on in my life lately. Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Oh, Rachel I love reading your posts! I didn't know you were trying. I haven;t started trying so I have no clue what will happen when that happens. But I know because of my close friends who are trying, that that can be a very painful time. and you are way more aware of all the babies popping out all around you. praying for you!

  2. I feel you. I think I crave social media and adult interaction MORE now that I have kids and stay at home. I get on during naps and after bed time. It's hard to balance it all, for sure but it's my "me" time and we need to hold on to ourselves too. I hate to neglect my husband some nights but as a mom sometimes there just isn't anything left to give some days! He gets it though. Best of luck with the baby making :)

  3. Praying for you and your hubby! Although the trying is no doubt a lot of fun ;), I know it can be difficult to see negative tests time and time again. But keep up the great work in all that you have going on! I can't even imagine what it'd be like to try to run a store...crazayyy fo sho! Haha.


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