Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Influenster Love

I know I am flooding you guys right now but I wanted share with you my love for Influenster.  Have you heard of Influenster?? If not..it is one of my favorite sites ever. It is a site where you can do product reviews and tell people how much you like or dislike a product or company. Personally, I tend to read reviews before I buy something, so this site really helps with it.

Now one of the best parts about Influenster is that every now and then they send you a VoxBox or you get a virtual VoxBox to review! I have gotten both and both are fun. Personally though if you get the real deal VoxBox...it is amazing. I love getting one in the mail and unboxing it! You never know what will be inside it. 

Now my most favorite thing I have ever gotten from Influenster, I blogged about it here, was my Keurig 2.0. Not only did I get this item for free, I got to do a product review about it and I got a ton of coffee with it. Seriously....who can beat that? I use this bad boy every morning and it really is amazing. 

Now if you get an account..make sure to stay active. It will help your score and help you get more VoxBoxs. Make sure you also connect all of your social networks. They help with your score!

Now not only do they have their site online but the have the Influenster App out now to. Make sure you download it. It is free and so easy to you!!! 

Another note, if you ever want to sign up, let me know. I can send you an invitation to join. Once you join, you can invite your friends as well! So...do you want in on this? 
*I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own*

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