Friday, October 24, 2014

The Stages of Working Out

Lately I have been on a big health kick. I gained some weight and I need to lose it. So to shed them lbs, I am running, walking and doing a ton of core exercises at home. I am sore all over but I know in the end, the goal is worth it. 

Stage 1. Super pumped about working out!

You get your workout in your mind, you are going to rock it. You put on some cute clothes that match and you are ready!

Stage 2. You start working out. 

You feel like a beast. You are going to crush this workout. Nothing can stop you. 

Stage 3. About halfway through you are tired, ready to be done. 

You want to skip some things but you know you can't. Just push through it.  

Stage 4. A few minutes left. 

At this point I am dead. I want to quit...why am I doing this! I want that pizza that is in the kitchen. I HATE WORKING OUT. 

Stage 5. Finally finishing for the day.

This is the part where I collapse on the floor and die. I feel like there is nothing left in me!

And then you do it all over the next day!


  1. bahahah so true!!! This is why I quit working out

  2. Ohhhhhh, the collapse on the floor. Hurts so good. hahaha

  3. bahaha you are killing me. Those gifs are hilarious and so true. I so just need to hire a personal trainer!


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