Monday, October 13, 2014

Patience is the Key

Since the beginning of August we have been trying to have a little one. As of yet...there is not one. Every month that has passed I get upset when I find out I am not pregnant yet. Now I has only be a few months and it takes time. Every one that I have vented to says it has only be 3-4 months, it takes longer than that..etc. 

Well I am so tired of waiting. A good bit of my friends got pregnant fairly quickly. My sisters both has their first child by 17. Me..I can't get pregnant as easily as they have. Apparently my body just says no for now. I know that every pregnancy is different for every person and that my body is still readjusting to not having medications in me that I have taken for years. My patience wearing thin. I want it to happen now. I want to have a little baby in my arms. 

Here are things I have been doing:
1. Charting my ovulation by a calender. 
2. Buying the ovulation test strips.
3. Already taking pre natals
4. Eating healthier and trying to lose weight.

I know that most my age don't want this or are not even thinking about this yet but my clock is ticking so fast it is driving me up the wall. There is no magic answer to getting pregnant. It is all about timing and apparently mine sucks. 

Fingers crossed it happens soon! 

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  1. Praying for y'all! Such an exciting, yet difficult time for you both. Hopefully it'll be soon and you'll be celebrating the tiny human inside of you over the upcoming holidays! :)



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