Monday, October 20, 2014

I Run Slow

Over the weekend I participated in another 5k. It was the Color Me Cured 5k and it was a blast. It is just like the color run. I finished in 45 minutes. I am trying to get down to 40, so lets keep our fingers crossed that I get there. I did avoid the color though as it was a color run. I did not want any of it on me as I had a long drive back home with no shower!

I also ran a mile yesterday. My legs and shins were so sore but it was worth it. I have to take small steps to reach my goal. I have also lost 10 lbs already and I am 20lbs away from my goal weight!! 

I saw this tank yesterday on and I had to buy it. It fits me perfectly! I run...alot...just not very fast! 

I know it is going to take time to get a better speed and see some LB's come off but I am very happy with where I am going!


  1. Its all about the mileage not the time. It can be difficult to not compare your pace to others, but you're still running the same distance! And I'll be right around that pace with ya ;)

  2. Girl, you're doing FABULOUS! Just getting out there and working hard at your goal is super impressive stuff. I still find it hard to get off the couch *sigh*. Keep up the great work, and that tank is seriously adorable!

  3. I am the slowest runner! I prefer to run 2 min/ walk 1 min. which just really slows me down! and I rarely run anymore but when I do I am so slow! awesome job on the 5k! I want to run one again, one day....hopefully


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