Friday, October 10, 2014


Okay over the past year I have been trying to win a GoPro camera. If anyone has one, you know how amazing these cameras are. GoPro is even nice enough to give away a ton of stuff every day...which I have yet to win. 

I want this camera for youtube videos, filming my runs, filming fun things and so much other stuff that is amazing. I know I can easily go buy one, but they are pricey and I can't really spend $$$$ on one. They did just come out with one that is about half the price than all the others as well. 

Alot of people I know use these for making videos when they are just hanging out with their friends, kayaking, running, youtube vids. Seriously, this thing is awesome. Do you have one? 

If you know of a place that sells them for a price that is reasonable. Hook me up. Or send me one. Just really send me one. 


  1. GoPros are so freaking awesome!!!! Hope you get one soon! :)

  2. If you find someone who's sending you one, tell them to send me one too! ;)


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