Friday, October 31, 2014


The other day I had an allergy issue. I knew I had some allergies..just not sure what they all were. My lovely little pup was laying in my lap. She does this a lot and loves her cuddle time. Well after awhile my eye started itching and almost swelled shut. It was still a little swelled up the next day as well. 
Yes I am coloring my hair but this happened before. Girl gotta look good! 

I called the doctor and told him about what happened and he referred me to a allergist to get checked out. I went yesterday. I knew somewhat what they would do, just not what they would test for. 

I was pricked and poked so was ridiculous. I got the skin scraping stuff and I got injections of stuff. I had more stuff show up then I thought. My arms were itching the entire time but of course you can not scratch them. The entire time during this a child was next door screaming his head off. I think they were killing him...that's the only explanation I can come up with for the screams he made. 

I tested positive for being allergic to a pile of stuff. Dogs, cats, shellfish, maple trees, mold, cockroaches, potting soil and all other kinds of junk. I knew about some of them but not all. Now I have to get special pillow cases, kick my dogs out the bed (yeah right), and avoid a bunch of fun stuff. 

I am lucky that it is not more severe and that I only have about 30 things I am allergic to then compared to others. It is minor, so no living in a plastic bubble yet!


  1. This is the 1st yr I started getting swollen eyes from allergies (and the skin gets really dry). A dr suggested using hydrocortisone cream on it for a few days, and it really helped!!

  2. That's crazy! And you just look so enthused...haha! Love it. But I'm really glad that you were able to get some answers and try to make some minor changes to start feeling better! And that it wasn't more serious :).

  3. Omgsh! I have heard that this test is rough! I hate you are so allergic to everything. Yeah right I know you will not be kicking pups off the bed lol


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