Friday, August 8, 2014

Save The Panties! U By Kotex

*This article is sponsored by U by Kotex Pads*

I am back again with the Save The Undies Campaign! If you didn't see the first post then you need to read this one.

One of my biggest things about looking AMAZING is that I like to feel confident. Part of feeling confident for me is making sure I am dressed the way I feel and that goes from outside clothes all the way down to my underwear! I have certain ones for special occasions. I wore a special pair the day I got married, I wear boy shorts under my dresses so I don't have lines and they are COMFY, I have underwear for just about any occasion imaginable! 

When it comes to my favorite underwear and the certain outfits I wear them with, you need the right protection. I don't want to be worried that I am going to lose them to a unfortunate accident. That is where U by Kotex® comes in. U by Kotex® offers a full line of feminine care products for periods including pads, liners and tampons. Outstanding protection that keeps you one step ahead. 

Also they have the cutest packaging! They are not embarrassing to have. If someone sees them, you won't be embarrassed by what they are. cute are they! 

They are also introducing new U by Kotex® Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core*, a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks. Now available in our Cleanwear® pads, AllNighter® pads and Security* pads.

Want to try them before you buy them?
Visit the U by Kotex and find the samples that best fit your mission to save the undies. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information. Then, sit back and wait, your samples will be on their way!

 Huge thank you to Kotex for sponsoring today's discussion and helping me #savetheundies!


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  2. Feminine hygiene products are the worst thing EVER over here in the USA: Seriously: me and my other German expat friends pack boxes full of Tampons when we are heading back to the states from visiting Germany.
    I don't do pads... But after using american brand tampons for 2 months, I do really understand why you would use them.
    Until I find some GOOD tampons over here (even the o.b. I found at Walgreens suck), I will keep importing from Germany to feel save and clean.

  3. I love me some U by Kotex! Seriously, I switched over a year ago and haven't looked back. And their products are super adorable!! :)


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