Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Lately I have been figuring things out and changing things in my life. We are cutting things out and preparing for when we get pregnant. I have cut out things that I do not need. I no longer have Ipsy, Barkbox and things like that. It was really adding up to be alot of money that I was wasting every month.  My pinterest is over loaded with baby stuff. I have about 7 secret boards all dedicated to baby/pregnant things. Am I pregnant yet? Nope! Am I completely excited to be...YEP! Once we become pregnant..I will make them not so secret but for now people do not need to see how crazy am I. 

I am loving the weather. It is not to hot, not to cold. It is has been beautiful in Virginia and I hope it stays this way. I am ready to go to Maine because I know the weather there is amazing this time of year. I would move to Maine if I could stand the winters but I am pretty sure I couldn't.

I am also getting ready for Muderrella. If you are local and are running the Virginia one. Let me know! I would love to meet up with some people before hand. Normally in 5ks I can run the entire thing. I know this one I can not. It is 5-7 miles and it is going to kill me. This is my last run before baby! Fingers crossed I do well!

I am also loving some Maddie and Tae. If you have not heard their song that is out, it is below. I love it and it is hilarious! Make sure you watch the video! 

That is life around here lately! 


  1. haha I also have secret pregnancy and baby related Pinterest boards!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does that. :)

  2. Haha I love that song so much! I have secret boards on there but they are not baby related lol I can tell that you are changing bc we use to be hooked on ipsy! I am so happy that you are leaning towards baby time:)


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