Monday, August 4, 2014

I Broke Up With My Flat Iron

Me and my hair do not get along. On Friday I finally decided to get a trim after trying to grow it out. I am one of those people who wait FOREVER to get it trimmed thinking it is better when it really is not. I am pretty sure the girl at the salon wanted to whack all of my hair off. She fussed a little about how bad it is to use a flat iron every day and I need to have some sort of heat protection on my head. 

Well after my trim and having to take 2 inches off that I did not want to lose, I broke down and brought the Matrix Iron Tamer for my hair. I LOVE IT. It is amazing. That stuff is like crack for your hair. I have not had to straighten my hair since Friday morning. My hair is soft, not as flat and straight. I use a round brush when I blow dry it now and I am happy with the way it looks.

I was killing my hair when I flat ironed it every day. It was not looking healthy. I have banned my self from my flat iron. As much as I love it I had to break up with it. We were just not getting along. I have a great flat iron, it is a Chi...I love it but from now is going to stay hidden away unless it is needed. 

I am not sure how I did not know to do this sooner. The lady at the salon did tell me some tricks to help with the round brush so that may be it!


  1. OMGHS! I need this stuff like ASAP! P.S. for once your hair is longer than mine bahaha:)


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