Thursday, August 7, 2014

Allergy Attack

Last night I was laying with my pup on the couch. If you follow me on twitter, IG, or facebook you would have seen the picture that I had to upload. I am a fur mom..of course I did that. 

Well 30 minutes after we snuggled I broke out sneezing. Not just any ole sneezing. This was the make you pee your pants, hurt your throat, sneeze for 2 hours straight crap! It was horrible and I was miserable. I couldn't go to bed, I couldn't do anything! I know I have seasonal allergies. I know I have a slight allergy to my dogs. NOTE: I will never get rid of my dogs, I love them and I would suffer before I get rid of them. 

Today I am stuffed up, my throat hurts and I don't feel good. I am not is just the aftermath of last night. I even had to put them in doggy jail because I couldn't have them in the bed with me.

After a benadryl, a allergy and cough medicine I finally got relief from my sneezing. is my dilemma. I stopped taking ALL OF MY MEDS including my daily allergy pill as we are trying for a baby soon. What can I do to protect me from my pups and still be able to snuggle with them?

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  1. Oh for the love of pups! This often happens to me and it sucks since I am such an animal lover! I wish I had a solution for you! Let me know if anything works for you!


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