Monday, July 21, 2014

Stab Wound

Last night the husband and I were cooking dinner. At some point Chris grabbed a knife and somehow dropped it. During all of this all I remember was seeing the knife go in his hand and I saw blood..a lot of it. I did not pass out, luckily for me I don't faint at the sight of blood, only if you take my blood. 

The knife went in about 1/2 inch and the cut is about that deep. After we stopped the bleeding and got Chris bandaged up I tried to bribe him to go to the ER. I tried everything I could last night. He would not go. Now you may think this is a tiny cut. NOPE. I will not provide pictures as at the time I was panicking and I was not going to take any at the time. Also who wants to see that? It is gross. 

When I was cleaning the cut, stab wound, shank wound, whatever you want to call it, I could see into his hand. I saw some tissue and some meat and it was nasty. Props to all of you in the medical field. I could not do that. He did not bleed through the night. He says it looks fine today but it is sore. He did not hit any bone. He can move all of his fingers.

 So lets pray that it does not get infected because a couple hundred bucks ER visit could lead to a couple thousand bucks hospital stay. 


  1. Ugh! That's scary....glad you were there to take care of him! Hope it heals fast!

  2. OMG I hope everything turns out ok!! He should totally say it's a shank wound. That he got shanked ;) hahaha

  3. Oh no! Praying for him that it heals up nicely! So crazy...

  4. Oh my the more I hear about your hubby the more I truly believe we are related lol I stabbed myself last week and now him good lord that's no good! I hope get gets better fast!


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