Wednesday, July 23, 2014

High School Reunion Pt.2

Remember a little bit ago when I wrote a post about my high school reunion? I was pretty upset. You can check it out here. 

Quick recap..I moved to that area right before high school and lived there for a few years after high school. A few years ago when I started dating my husband,  I moved back to my hometown where I grew up. I now live here and plan on never moving away. I love it here, my family and friends are here. My life is here.

 Last night I was chatting with someone from here and they asked if I was going to the reunion. Well I did not graduate from here unfortunately and I mentioned that. They said it did not matter and that we grew up together and that I grew up with most of those people. It was more about just seeing old friends. There was a few others that had not graduated with them and they would be coming as well. So I will be going to that high school reunion and not mine.

No one from my high school has read the post from before and no one from my hometown has read that post. They also do not know about my anger towards my classmates over the reunion issue. My blog is still semi private to most people that know me. 

I feel very lucky to have good friends that I have grown up with over the years. For them to include me in an event that I should not be, makes me feel very loved. I love my hometown and the people here. They are amazing and sweet. They make me feel welcomed and they always have open arms for me.

Growing up here I hated it but leaving this town and coming back, I have a complete new appreciation for it. I think everyone has to do that once in their life to realize how good they really have it. 


  1. How awesome is that?! So glad you are able to go to a reunion and enjoy your time there with people you love! I hope you have the best time!! :)


  2. Aw that is so sweet of them! I hope you are able to go and have a great time!


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