Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

The weekend flew blew by and if someone can please go find it and bring it back, I would greatly appreciate it. K..thanks! 

I did not do much On Friday or Saturday. I was super lazy and relaxed most of the day. I did see my niece for a brief bit and I was introduced to Sparkles the Hamster. So Sparkles the Hamster. 

Sunday we had to go shopping for Chris. We are attending an amazing wedding this weekend coming up in KY and he needed some clothes. We took my niece along for the ride with us which meant a stop at Sweet Frog and some selfie action. 

That is pretty  much my weekend. I took too many selfies, I had some Sweet Frog and spent some time with my family. Now this weekend I get to drive 8 hours for a pretty awesome wedding! 


  1. Your niece is adorable. And I like when you smile in your selfies. You should do that more often :)

  2. Low key weekends are sometimes the best weekends! So glad you were able to enjoy some family time AND meet a new friend. it!!


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