Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Catch up

I know my weekend catch up is super late but ehh who cares! I went to a wedding over the weekend in Newport KY. It was in the aquarium and it was AMAZING! I have never been to a wedding where I can tour an aquarium at the same time before and it was a blast. My husbands cousin got married and she was absolutely stunning. So now for a picture overload!

We ate the Hofbrauhaus in Newport for lunch. If you are ever there, you have to go there. It is so good and fun. I danced on the table and got to listen to some fun music.

We were also those typcail tourist that overpaid for a carriage ride. I have rode horse my whole life but hey..when in rome? The horse was Cesar and he was a cutie. He did not however like his ears touched so steer clear of that! Also..he loves sugar cookies! 

The first night we had a few drinks on the levee and the was the view over the Ohio river looking at Cincinnati. It was beautiful. 

The next day was the wedding so we spent the day in Cincinnati for awhile. I went to Macys and Tiffanys where I just stared at jewelry I can never afford. 

Here are some shots from the wedding....the penguin shot is because I wanted to hug a real one and no one would get me one. 

This all the cousins that were there all together! 

It was a great weekend and I am would love to do it again! 


  1. You guys look like a blast! Always having so much fun together! =D Love these pictures!

  2. Such a fun weekend! And how cool that you were able to tour the aquarium while attending a wedding?! Amazing. And Cesar is totally cute! I'd absolutely overpay for a carriage ride!! :) You two are just adorable.

  3. You forgot about the part where you drunk dialed a bunch of people (myself included) and left really awesome voicemails. I didn't have to see pictures to know you ha a good time at that wedding ;) ;) hahahaha

  4. OH I know you had so much fun and I love the drunk dialing confessions lol That is too funny! You have me seriously wanting to go to an aquarium!

  5. A wedding at an aquarium sounds like an awesome idea! and love the comment above about your drunk dials ;) lol

  6. Oh I love Hofbrauhaus! We used to have one near us in Florida and ever since we moved from there I have been having withdrawls.

  7. I grew up near there! I went back for a wedding in Cincinnati and they took me to Hofbrauhaus in Newport when I flew in--when I moved away, there was just the aquarium, arcade, and the only Hollister for miles and miles.


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