Friday, June 13, 2014

High School Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion is next year. Most people could care less about these things but I was actually looking forward to going to mine. I have moved away from the town I went to high school in and moved back to where I grew up. My parents did the same. I have no family that lives in that town. It is a few hours away from where I live. I found out the other day that the group that plans the reunion was looking to have our 10 year on Thanksgiving Eve possibly. They want to do a happy hour/drink thing. 

Now...I have so many reasons that this does not work for me. Most reunions are in the summer around here. It seems that this "group" of friends gets together every year on Thanksgiving Eve so they just wanted to go ahead and make it our reunion as well. For someone like my self who no longer even lives in the state, will not be near there for Thanksgiving, why would I travel there and spend my Thanksgiving with people who are not my family? My graduating class, as I recall was more than 20-30 people. Also to have a drink/happy hour/party on the night before Thanksgiving is not that realistic for people with families, people who are traveling for Thanksgiving and for those who have to make a Thanksgiving dinner. 

I shouldn't be as upset about this as I am.....but I am pretty ticked off about this. I feel like this group is just looking to make this reunion as easy for them as possible.. They don't live there, they just come home for holidays so let's make it when it is more convenient for them. They are not planning anything special. 

I believe at this point, even if it was switched to the summer, I would not go. I feel like they are not trying to plan a nice reunion. They are not putting any time or effort in it. They want to have it at a restaurant where hardly anyone can fit into and its one of their families restaurants. If I wanna see my friends I went to school with, I will call them. 

Has anyone else dealt with this before?


  1. Ugh, that sounds awful! And what a bummer that you were really looking forward to it! Luckily, our town has an annual festival the same weekend every year and that's when all of the 'class reunions' are held. Heck, each class that celebrates that year even does a float for the town parade! It's a big deal. Ha!


  2. Ah, this past June 9th marked the 9 year anniversary of my high school graduation. It's crazyness. I understand your disappointment about the reunion although I myself would not be ready to attend any reunion at this point in my life. I'd feel so weird because I don't have anything in my life figured out nearly 10 years after graduating! But, a high school classmate got in contact with me recently announcing that they were considering having a reunion this year at the end of summer. First of all, I don't live anywhere near my hometown anymore and I disliked my hometown a lot so I wouldn't want to make a trip up there just for a reunion. But sometimes when adult life gets super stressful, I do long to see some old familiar faces. Still, I'm not sure if things would be the same. I just figure, if I wanted to keep in touch with anyone, I would have. And as it turns out, I have only kept in touch with a handful of my old classmates- I am even starting to forget most of my old classmates' full names! I hope your high school decides to make the reunion more convenient for everyone...if not, perhaps they'll have one in another 5 years or so! :)

  3. Fun fact my 5 year was planned by those that did not even graduate and I bet you can guess what outstanding citizens they were lol I seriously don't have any inclination to go to the 10 year either! I can see that some would like to go to theirs but due to the cray cray ppl here I think I will skip mine lol

  4. Ew. Tell 'em they're jerks and give 'em the finger. ...just kidding that's mean, don't do that. But they do sound like jerks, for the record


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