Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guest Post: The Florkens

Hello lovelies!! I have a sponsor taking over today!! The Florkens!! I love their blog and I think they are adorable! Make sure you check out the post and then head over to their blog and follow them!!

1.  We're a little a whole lot random! -- You just never know what you are going to get when you stop by the "florkens". Some days, we are super crytic and mysterious and other days we are a complete ramble fest! But everyday is a new one and we dive in head first!

2.  We're JUST like you! I mean, we are if like us, you sometimes struggle with creating the right wardrobe, or encounter major milestones, or find yourself struggling with the natural progression of life, friendships, and family.

3.  We have the cutest pets. What do a dapple dachshund, a mixed cattle-dog, and two kittens rescued from a barn and a liquor store have in common? They are part of the "florken" crew of course! And they pretty much are the squishiest little faces ever!

4.  Because a lawyer and a scientist have never been THIS fun! Whether we are slip sliding on icy roads and making front page news, lamenting that fictional television characters are stealing all the hotties on our "Top Five" list, or acting like idiots on camera for our monthly "vlogs", I can guarantee that you'll have a new perspective on all the "serious" lawyers and scientists that you see on TV!

5.  Because if you don't, I may cry.  And trust me, you don't want that. I have like, the ugliest cry face ever. Even worse than Kimmy K -- so, just come check us out yo!

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