Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dumb Things I have Done At a Concert

I love country music. I love it too much sometimes. I typically only go to country concerts. I have seen a ton of country acts over the past few years and normally I drink at these concerts and sometimes, I do something dumb at the concert or act a fool. So I figured I would share a few.

1. Justin Moore.
 Justin Moore was with Eric Church here in good ole Va. It was time for me to re up my beer. I had to have a few before the concert because unfortunately we are one of those places that has a beer limit. It is non sense. I was feeling quite right and was standing against the wall gaining my composure when a short man, my height, walks past me. (I am 5'3 y'all!) He has security around him and all. It was Justin Moore. I was to drunk to realize it until he was walking away. I could of got a drunk selfie, got him to sign my boob, who knows what but of course I drank to much and it never happened!

2. Miranda Lambert...part 1.
I was at my first ever Miranda Lambert concert and I wanted to look super cute so I wore a sweater dress. It was a little tight. Well..once again..booze got me. I danced the entire concert. I thought I looked cute..pretty sure I didn't thinking back on it. There was an older man and a young boy right behind me. I believe they say my rear end a few times that night. Whoops. 

3. Miranda Lambert...part 2
I saw Miranda again in a different venue and I pre gamed. This venue you could drink as much as you wanted..whoops. Well I ended up flat footing, dancing like a fool in the aisle and somehow I kept dancing backwards into the guy behind. Sorry Mr. behind. me. 

I could really continue with this but you see a pattern? I drink to much. I miss celebs, I dance like a fool. 
What are some good memories/disasters that you have from concerts? 


  1. Haha! Country concerts are the best!! I've done some crazy things there. What is this beer limit you ate talking about. Blasphemy!

  2. This is awesome! Can we please go to a country concert together! I would love to have a few beers, dance the night away and see awesome performers!

  3. Oh my goodness! haha. I guess at least you can laugh about it all!


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