Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Va Beach

Over the weekend we took a 3 day trip to Virginia Beach. I love short trips like this. We live about 3 hours from the beach and we do not go enough. We booked our room through priceline and go a great deal for $60.00 a night at a 4 star hotel. You can't beat that!

So..be prepared for some pictures!

First thing first...our car broke down..the minute...we got there. We checked in and went back out and my radiator went out. It leaked at the bottom all my fluid out. Now..I reared ended my husbands truck back in the fall and it just so happened we had a radiator put in back then so it happened to be a crappy part. We actually got some amazing service and my car was picked up and a rental was brought to us...all the way from home! 

The water was WAY to cold. Like frigid freeze your tush off cold. Only my toes made their way in and back out very quickly. Sun bathing was the way to go. I was also the palest person on the beach. 

Of course drinks were had. 

Our dogs really missed us. So much that they laid in our laps and would not move!

I am still in vacation mode so this is all you get! 

Make sure you check out my youtube channel! I posted my first video last night and will have many more to come! You can find it here

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  1. Omgsh this looks like fun minus the car issue! Oh your fur-baby must have missed you!!! I love that picture of you...you looks so pretty! I can't wait to watch your YouTube video!

  2. I got in up to my knees for the first time last weekend! Your beach trip looks awesome!

  3. Our dog Daisy does that when we've left her alone too long. She's such a cuddler.


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