Friday, May 23, 2014

Something Fun

I ran the 5k Foam Fest about a week ago and I figured I could show you my pictures from the event. It was a blast and I hope to run it again next year. If this event comes to you area, please sign up. It is all about the fun, not your time. Do not feel intimated because it is a 5k or a run at that. It is a blast and I am excited to do it again. 

I am not at work today. I am enjoying a 4 day weekend so I hope everyone enjoys my pictures and has a fabulous holiday weekend! 

PS check out my youtube channel!


  1. Rachel!! You're a warrior! You look so friggin fierce in those photos!

  2. Those photos rock! I'm so excited to start in these 'fun' 5K's...I hope I get addicted to them like you did! Haha. That last photo is the bomb dot com. Enjoy your LONG weekend!

  3. This looks fun!! A friend and I decided to do a 5k each month this summer, so I will have to see if we have one like this close by.

  4. I've been considering doing the foam fest 5k. Looks like you had a great time and it looks like I need to sign up to do one! [New follower from the "Let's be friends" blog hop]

  5. This looks like so much fun! I have never heard of this until now. Love your photos!


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