Wednesday, May 21, 2014


As you know I am big into races and running in 5k's. Coming up on June 14 is the ROC Race. ROC stands for Ridiculous. Obstacle. Challenge. It is back at RFK Stadium on June 14. Now I am big a fan of races like this and I am super pumped to be able to participate in this race.

ROC Race 5k is the original gameshow-inspired obstacle challenge that features 12 larger than life obstacles like the infamous Wrecking Ball, the World's Largest Inflatable Water Slide, and the brand new Sweeper! This is an untimed event for ROC Stars of all athletic abilities, ages 13 and up - come see what all the hype is about and claim your spot today!

Now believe me, I am no way an athlete. I have recently got into in the last year. I am able to complete 5ks and still feel okay the next day. These runs are great for anyone! I will admit that I do get passed by kids. The thing is..I get and out run these. You feel amazing after completing one of these.

I would say make a team and do these. They are the best to run with friends!

Now personally the reason why I love these races is that they are more about fun and not so serious. I never go to this for the best time. I go for the fun of the race. I want to have fun, enjoy my self and try to complete every obstacle looking as FABULOUS as possible. 

The ROC Race is a nation wide race that you can run. If you are not in the area but you want to run this bad boy, click here! You can find a location that is close to you and get try it out! 

ROC Race is back at RFK Stadium on June 14 and better than ever before with brand new epic obstacles! Are you ready for this?? Keep $5 in your pocket when you signup at  with VIP code RACHEL but hurry - the price increases June 5th!

If you are planning on attending....let me know. Leave a comment below. We can meet up..snag a picture and you can be featured on my recap of the race!


  1. That looks so fun! My siblings and I are doing a blacklight run next month and I'm super pumped about it! It's the first one of these we'll do, but I have a feeling we'll be addicted.

  2. This reminds me of that Wipe Out show! I love that you get out and run all these fun races, you go girl! I'll have to see if they have this one in my area

  3. SO freaking fun!!!! Reminds me of Wipe Out. I would love to do this if there is ever one closer!

  4. That thing looks ridiculous and I want to do it!!


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