Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Breathe

Today I freaked out. This morning I was told there was an active shooter in the schools where we live. I freaked out. I was worried about the kids..I was worried about my niece..I was worried. After having the past 7 months of hell and losing Dax, I have reasons to worry. 

I was then told it was near the school and the schools were on lock down for precautionary reasons. I am all for that. Protect the kids. The person who went crazy today did not harm anyone and is in custody. 

The worst party about when this happens is social media. It helps you know what is going on but it also hurts. People put false information up. They don't know the details so it spreads like a wild fire. I freaked and wanted to leave work when my niece was safe. 

Just Breathe.

That is all I can say. Take a moment to breathe. Wait for the the police and schools to inform you of what is going on. 



  1. Lord this happens way too much these days! I can't stand when not only people put false information about something like this online but that ppl believe it and share it. It causes so much panic and stress that it is ridiculous. I hope that everything is okay now and that things get better.

  2. This is so scary, I cant even imagine getting news like this! Glad everyone is okay!

  3. I really wish schools would have more protection but i guess that would interfere with a kids childhood at the same time. It may take away their faith in humanity to see armed guards at school. I don't understand why people keep going after children!? As a parent I would lose my mind.

  4. That is so scary and heart stopping. Being in the military they warn us of the social media and how to respect those families that are involved, it would be great if people didn't say anything until they knew all the facts for the families sakes. I am glad that everyone was ok and that they caught him!


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