Saturday, May 17, 2014

How To Prepare for A Mud Run

Today I am running in the 5k Foam Fest in Chesterfield. It is a foam run and a mud run all mixed together for a big ball of fun. Over the past year that I have gotten into running, I have noticed that every run is different and you have to prepare for each one differently.


1. Read what they email you. Make sure you read the e-mail because it tells you the important things you need to know. EX. parking, your waiver you need to sign, what to wear, what not to wear.

2. What to wear for a mud run. DO NOT WEAR something you will miss. I am wearing old running pants and a cheap tank. Nothing to fancy because I know at the is going to be ruined. I am going to recycle this outfit for the mud run I am doing in the fall as well. No need in throwing it away. Also no cleats. Yes the cleats help you through the mud but for fun mud runs there is obstacles and you can not wear cleats on some! 

3. Pack extra clothes, towels and trash bags for the ride home. They are places to get some what clean and you can change into clean clothes before you make the drive home. Unless you like being muddy and that's your thing.

4. SIGN YOUR WAIVER. You can't run without this and some places charge for extras. 

5. Bring ID. They won't know who you are from Jo blow!

6. Run. Yes it is a fun run but you need a little training. I also run before hand and try to eat somewhat healthy. 


What do you do to get ready for a mud run or any run for that matter?

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