Friday, May 30, 2014


My hair is driving me nuts. I chopped it off about a year and a half ago and I loved it. I used to have long, blonde hair. Almost my entire life, that is what I have had. My entire family was so used to the blonde and long that when I cut it, they got mad. 

 One evening I went to the salon and told them I was tired of my blonde hair and to just do whatever with it. This is what I left with. 

I love the cut and color. It was a big change and I have kept the cut and similar color since then. I am starting to miss my long hair though. I can't just throw my hair up. It has to be wet to even go up in a pony tail. I can't do a sock bun, no messy bun, nothing. It ain't happening with this hair. Every day I have to style my hair. I can't even do cute curls. 

Growing my hair out seems to be taking forever. I am waiting longer to get it trimmed. I am trying to not use my hair straightener every day. I am at the point though that I do not know how much longer I can take of growing it out. I want instant-grown-out hair and it ain't happening. I am so tempted to go chop it off again because I am at the awkward in between length and I HATE IT. 

So...should I cut and keep this length..or let it keep growing??

A few other hair issues I have...I have to wash it every day or it gets gross. Any suggestions there?


  1. hmm I say keep it growing so that you can have hair as long as me lol There is so much more you can do with long hair.

  2. You look so different as a blonde!! I love the side swept bangs. I really hate that length too. I'm just barely coming out of it so I say let it grow, let it grow!! Once you get past that phase you will be really glad.

  3. Take biotin!! I started taking it a few months ago and idk if it actually works, or if it's just my imagination, but my hair has grown a lot in the last few months!

  4. I really like how it is now, it's not awkward at all!


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