Saturday, May 3, 2014


Today is the day! I know longer have to worry about loading a top sided washer. I know longer have to worry if the washer is going to be have way out from the wall. You heard it first folks.

We are getting a new washer and dryer today. BUT not just any old washer and dryer. A LG front loader washer and dryer. I am super excited. When we built the house we got these old ones from grandparents and have made due for the past 3 years. I am so excited for Lowes to come today and install my new ones. I already have a few loads of laundry ready to go.

Now the only reason we went and bought these bad boys were because the washer stopped working. It kept getting stuck on the wash cycle. One day it was spinning for about a hour. Luckily we caught it but we can't be dealing with that. Of course last night it seems to be working fine again...go figure. I will not be cancelling the order though because I WANT THEM.

So I will be loving my new washer and dryer and for once will not mind washing my clothes!

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