Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Customer Service

Over the weekend, when we arrived at the beach, the moment we arrived, my car broke down. It broke down the minute we arrived at the beach. In the fall, I rear ended my husbands truck and the part that was put on due to all the damage I caused had gone bad. We were unable to even drive my car 5 feet because the radiator went the beach. All the fluid leaked out of the bottom of it. (Now yes, my husband is a mechanic but we were on vacation and he did not have one tool with him.)

So after I cried a good bit and wanted to throw a fit, my husband being the smart man he is called the insurance company and the dealership that did the work our on car. help at all. They wanted me to pay for the tow which I may or may not get reimbursed for. Thanks guys! The dealership was amazing. They drove 3 hours from our home to Va Beach and picked our car up and brought us a rental car as well. Who does that?? We tried to tip them, they would not take it. 

Now we did not have to get rude, we did not have to yell. My husband was polite and nice. We explained the situation to the dealership and how it was a part that was warrantied. In no way did we expect what we got. The dealership really did save our trip and our anniversary. 

Now that has made a big impression on me. I have never had such great customer service. We had some one take care of us, save our trip because they were nice. Not because they had to, not because it was something the insurance company didn't, but because they were a nice person. We did not have to sit all weekend and worry about what to do. We get a relaxing, stress free, beach weekend! 

Now all I can say is pass it on..I plan to! 

I don't really know how to repay this dealership. Cookies or a cake and card does not really cut it. I guess I should buy my next car there?? 

All I can say is great customer service means so much and that it makes a big difference to me than bad customer service. 

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