Thursday, May 22, 2014


Currently I am....
....finally not sun burnt from the 5k over the weekend.
....feeling super cute wearing my mint skinnies today. I am loving them. I got them from groopdealz and I want to wear them all the time. 
....ready for my 4 day weekend. I get my niece for 2 days and I have nothing planned. Anything ideas? 
....listening to nothing. I have no tunes on for once. 
....trying to grow this hair out is taking forever and fighting the urge to cut is very very hard. I will be glad once it is finally long again.
....ready for 5:30 and happy hour. Bring on a drink!
....ready for my next 5k in June. I am really into running right now and it is kind of addicting.
....trying to plan a mid summer vacation. We have a ton of stuff in June and September but nothing in between. Any ideas would be great!
Enjoy your Thursday. Its my Friday!
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  1. Ohhh groopdealz. I had to stop following them on IG because it's become a HUGE habit of mine to buy everything! Have fun with your nieces this weekend! I wish I had nieces. We have one nephew and that is it so far. I say you should have a nail polish party with them. My youngest Aunt used to do that with me all the time and I always thought it was so cool!

  2. I wanna see your mint skinnies :) Also, what's the groupdealz you speak of??

  3. Must.stay.away.from.Groupdealz. New mantra, for sure. And I absolutely hate the phase of hair growth in which you want it longer but can't stand it and just want to chop it all off! Dig deep and don't give in to the temptation! It'll be worth it :). Enjoy the time with your niece!


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