Thursday, May 1, 2014

Busy Summer

This coming summer is jammed packed with fun things for Chris and I. We have a ton of stuff on our list to do. We either go full force or we have nothing planned. 

1. Long weekend beach trip to Va Beach next weekend for our anniversary! I have to pack for that still..whoops!

2. 5k Foam Fest in a few weeks and that evening a party. Lets hope I come out alive!

3. A family members wedding in KY in June. It is actually in an aquarium so I am pretty excited to check it out. We get to tour exhibits during the reception. Also she is verified on twitter..I am gonna bribe her to get me verified. 

4. A TON of wine and design. I am hooked and have booked a few classes. Let's hope they turn out okay because they will be all over my house.

5. Maine in August! Every year we go to Maine for our vacation. It is what I look forward to and my heart is there. We are not from there but if you visit Maine in the summer just once, you will understand. 

6. I am running the Mudderella in September as well. It is a 5-7 mile mud run. Once again, let's pray I don't die. 

Apparently I was also not cast for the new season of Big Brother as I never received a call so none of my plans will be interrupted. I am sad but also glad because I don't have to cancel anything! 

What are your summer plans?

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  1. Wow busy summer! I hope you are able to continue to blog. I need this daily read in my life:)


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