Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bulu Box Vlog

Last night I filmed a vlog of my thoughts on Bulu Box. I am loving this subscription. I have the weight loss box. It comes with 4-5 samples. It also gives you a card describing what the samples are and if you want to purchase them as well. Watch it..let me know what you think. 

Also if you want to get your own BuluBox superscription use code BULUGAN169 for 50% off your own box!
Click here for a direct link to join. 

Also...please excuse me looking a mess. I had gotten poured down on earlier in a rain storm and decided that throwing my hair up with  headband was the best way to go! 

Do you have BuluBox? What are your thoughts? 


  1. this is a great box! I am a serious coffee drinker and those shield thingies look awesome! I am subbing to you on YT!!

    1. I am loving the box!!! I hope you try them out!

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