Thursday, May 8, 2014

4 Years and Truckin!

Today marks 4 years of marriage to my husband. I will not say they have been blissful or perfect. No marriage is and if you say yours has been they you are a liar. We have had our ups and down along the way and we are still working out the kinks in our relationship. We are not perfect nor would I want us to be. 


We fight sometimes, we cry sometimes and we love each other. We have grown together over the 7 years being together. We did not rush into marriage nor did we take it lightly. We married one time and one time only. 

Chris is my soul and my best friend. I can tell him anything. He accepts me for my faults and is there when I make mistakes. He doesn't judge me for things I do nor criticize me for hiccups I make in my life. He is there when I need a good cry or when I need a good laugh. He is my world and I could not imagine life with anyone else. 

I am not one of those real sappy people and I have a hard time expressing my feelings sometimes so I just want to say I love my husband!

This weekend we are going to the beach for our anniversary. Nothing to fancy for us. We are going to drink, eat and just enjoy each other. I will not blog the entire time, I will not work on the store. I will be away from social media..maybe! 

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  1. Happy anniversary!! Congrats and enjoy the beach!!

  2. Yay! Enjoy the weekend!! Happy Anniversary!!! =D


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