Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap!

My weekend was filled with fun. I did some fun stuff..some house stuff....some store stuff. 

1. I spent some of the weekend with my amazing niece. For what she has been through she is one tough little cookie. We took her to a birthday party and it was great to see her have fun with her friends. Also the little girls were adorable trying to bowl. 

2. It was so gorgeous over the weekend. I went for a ton of walks as I am trying to work back up to running after taking a bit of time off. I think I am going to start running back this weekend. 

3. I got to spend all day yesterday lounging with Chris and the dogs and because I wanted to use this picture of Itsy, I put this in here!


  1. Oh I love the pictures!!! Itsy is one that I lv getting snaps of due to how cute she is!!! I swear one day I am going to come visit the beautiful place that you live:)

  2. Your view is amazing!!! Jealous...


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