Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things I Am Wanting:

I am typically not one of those girls that wants a lot of stuff, even though my husband would disagree with you completely!  Here is a list of a few things I am drooling over! I may not need them but I want them.

1. The Conair Curl Secret. I have watched countless youtube videos of the baby and I want it. Nothing anyone can say will talk me out of it. I can not curl my hair well and this thing is magic..but not the price tag of $99.00

2. Long Hair. This is not something I can buy but it is more of a goal. I am growing my hair back out. I can not put it up in a pony without it looking whacked out so, time to grow it out again!

3. A new iphone case. I bought a super cheap one when I first got my iPhone. It works and protects my phone for the most part but I really need to get an otterbox before I kill it!

4. A Fancy box. The p!nk one is no longer available but these subscription boxes are made by celebs! My biggest problem is the price! I can't bring my self to pay around $50.00 for it. Does anyone get it and what do you think of it?

5. Hunter Rain boots. I walk to work every day. It is about a 10-15 minute walk from my car and in the rain it can suck. I want to get some rain boots that are going to last me. They don't have to be Hunter Rain boots..but they have to be cute!

6. Full Exposure by Smash Box. I need to get some need eye shadow and I stumbled on this baby on Ulta. I am loving it but once again, I am cheap. Anyone else have it and love it??


  1. Oh lordy! I will talk with you about the palette lady. I am amazed that makeup was this list, it just shows you that I am rubbing off on you lol

  2. Ha, I want long hair too! Growing it out is so hard!!

  3. I want Hunters too but I cant justify spending that much on them. =(


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