Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Suck At The Selfie

The other day I was talking with Chris about selfies and how I suck at them. He thinks the word is horrible BTW. I mentioned how I rarely take them and how I when I do, I judge the picture and worry that my eyes look wonky, my hair looks effed up, or the lighting is wrong. See...lots of judging going on just by my self. 

Then I post them and gets like and comments and you boost my ego. Thanks for that! Love those comments. 

The thing I have noticed with my jacked up selfies is I either make a "I need to take a #2 serious face" selfie or I am making a "I think I am 16 so here is a duck face" selfie. Sometimes I throw in a smile with hair that I just learned to curl, which looks like a 5 year old did it!

I mean really...I can not take a good selfie. So this is my biggest non-blog thing. I suck at selfies. 


  1. I always end up making the same face in all my selfies. I get called out on it all the time. =/

  2. I only suck at non smiling selfies, if I smile they are fine but any other face looks stupid.


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