Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dog Takeover: Itsy

Hey yall..Itsy Bitsy here. You can call me Itsy. My parents misnamed me. I was like 6 lbs when they got me and they thought that even though I;m a pit I would stay small..boy I proved them wrong. Mom didn't feel like blogging so I decided to jump in. I figured I should let you know me! I got out of the crate super early for this post. 

Lets see, I am the cutest dog ever. Don't try to argue with mom, she will fuss with you until she is blue in the face. She loves me, underbite and all. 
Some people say I look like Yoda or Scrappy Doo. I am neither. 
When I get scared, and well I do..alot..I like to snuggle in your lap. I am A BIG BABY. I look all big and mean but really I am scared of rabbits. I know...its a "stereotype" that we are mean..psh. 

Mom thinks she knows how to blog but really I got this. I mean, I give her all her inspiration. I sit by her while she blogs and she steals my ideas. I should get all the credit here. 

Most of my time is taken up these days. My normal day consist of lounging around the house, eating stink bugs (mom is trying to rent me out for that one) chewing on my favorite rope toy that I refuse to share with my sister, or running until I can't run anymore. 

Mom is taking so long to get ready today that this post really typed itself and she had no idea. I mean seriously she takes a HOUR to get ready? Is there food in my bowl yet? 
She thinks she is Queen B around here, but really I am.
She feeds, washes my blankets, cuddles me, washes me, buys me stuff. 
I win!

Okay it is time to eat so I am done with this! I am pretty sure I got this blogging thing down so I will be back.


  1. bahaha! Love this! I'm the same way.... I tend to focus too much on getting ready that I forget to put food in Tyson's bowl! LOL!

  2. So cute!!! I love when the pups take over!

  3. Hahaha that picture of her laying on the couch is hilarious!! Good job Itsy, you've got some serious blogging skills :)


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