Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BarkBox Review

*100% opinions are my own. I did not receive anything for this*

Itsy and Zoey received their very first Barkbox this month and let me tell you, THEY LOVED IT.

I was a little skeptical about ordering but one of my best friends gets it for her dogs and I decided to try it out for mine. I was really excited to get the box for them and thought a medium would do but after going to the vet and realizing I have 2 oxen for dogs I switched up for the large box. It was a very smart decision. 

They got the Barkbox yesterday and and I have never seen 2 happier dogs.

There was 2 large bags of dog treats, a ice cream treat, a large stuffed toy and a raw hide. The raw hide did not last 5 minutes. The dogs destroyed it but they loved it!

The stuffed Owl is a HOOT in our house. See what I did there! Zoey has been keeping it to her self. She loves this thing. She thinks it is her baby and walks around with it and licks it. Odd dog that one! 

Itsy and Zoey loved their Barkbox and and it is approved by them. They will be getting more! If you want one of your own...click here to get one! 


  1. OMGSH! How cute is this?!?! Being I have so many pups I may have to check this out:)

  2. So cute! I think Pippa needs a Bark Box but mommy is too cheap lol


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